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We are providing these charts with the hope they create insightful dialogue.

Tesla Index Inclusion & BMW

November 25, 2020|

As Al Root noted in Barron’s November 25, 2020, Tesla Stock Rises Again, Creating Another Problem for Index Funds, at the current valuation Tesla will be entering the S&P500 ...

Cheap High Quality Stocks

November 6, 2020|

In our recent paper “High-Quality Midcap Value - The Case for Common Sense”, Kailash documented that many of the markets most profitable firms were trading at a discount to ...

Index Funds the Most Crowded Trade?

October 23, 2020|

In our last paper “The Collision of Arithmetic & Over-Optimism", Kailash presented a compelling chart demonstrating that investor obsession with the 25 largest growth firms had driven them to record ...

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