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A monthly, deep dive, and rigorous piece identifying:
Extraordinary Value Spreads, Mispriced Quality, and Behavioral Errors

Cash Flow to Stockholders is Defined As: Misleading?

December 30, 2022|

How the Crypto-FTX-Fraud Could be Masking Epic Capital MisallocationAccounting Tools states that cash flow to stockholders is the amount of money a firm pays its equity owners. They explain that “Investors routinely compare the cash flow to stockholders to the total amount of cash flow generated by a business…”

The Role of Critical Minerals in Clean Energy Transitions

December 2, 2022|

Have Policy-Makers Given Investors a Secular Growth Story for Cyclical Stocks? Our research is empirically based and tends towards places that are uncomfortable and out-of-favor. In 2020, as investors gorged on crypto, loss-making tech and growth stocks of dubious merit..

Inflation is Taxation without Legislation or Representation

October 28, 2022|

The Cash Crucible & the Acceleration of Financial Repression - “Cash is a Legitimate Asset Class for the First Time in Decades, Investors are piling into products that shield them from losses in a rising rate environment.” So said a recent article in Bloomberg. Any headline-hailing investors “piling” into anything should trigger instant paranoia.

Safe Dividend Stocks: A Staples Update & A Brand New Bag

September 16, 2022|

KCR’s systematic, evidence-based analytical and investment process is driven by the historical record. Our financial faith resides in what the data shows. Human beings have made the same mistakes in slightly different forms again and again for centuries. Stick to a low-cost, tax efficient process and winning is inevitable.

Economic Cycles and Mean Reversion

July 22, 2022|

In 1999, Warren Buffett gave a rare explanation of why he felt the stock market would generate poor returns for investors over the long haul. He used simple arithmetic to show that elevated valuations and profit margins made equities vulnerable. The piece was 9 pages, over 4,000 words long, and had a single exhibit.

Consumer Staples Sector: A Speculative Refuge

May 5, 2022|

Protecting & Growing Wealth in the Age of Uncertainty - From 2017 - 2020, speculative trading on predatory apps like Robinhood became a true stock market mania. The catastrophic misallocation of capital was, briefly, a very profitable endeavor. We did not flinch.

What Is Accounting Quality and Why It Matters

April 22, 2022|Tags: |

A Quick Walk Through the Recent Age of Miracle, Wonder & Other Lies - It has been a wild couple of years for financial statements. And by “wild,” we mean the quality of financial accounting information hit lows we could not have imagined. Let’s start with the basics.

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