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Market Insights with Investable conclusions: Market Anomalies, Evergreen Research, and Factors Research. Click on a white paper and if you want more, contact us about it.

Consumer Staple Stocks: Investing for the Long Haul
June 9, 2021
Food & Beverages in an Age of Tech Euphoria This Quick Take is simple.  We think the market is in the process of tr…
Small Cap vs. Large Cap Stocks: The Power of the Petite
May 26, 2021
Can the Might of Mean Reversion Send Small Caps Higher? Our research team published a very simple Chart for The Curious…
Inflation Investing
May 19, 2021
Geopolitics, Domestic Affairs and Investing in a Time of Uncertainty Introduction: A Break from Tradition This letter h…
Inflation and Equity Duration
May 12, 2021
Data Points Endorsing Our Case for Buying What You Need? We do not make macro forecasts. The evidence is overwhelming….…
The Combustible Mix of Low Quality & High Expectations
May 10, 2021
Are You Investing or Speculating? Introduction: On Friday, our research team published a Charts For the Curious that t…
Energy Investing, Forecasting & the Future
May 5, 2021
The Value of Hard Work and Humility After 25 years on a waiting list, my father’s family immigrated to the US from the…
A Bull Market in the Basics, Part II
April 27, 2021
Buffett, Bubbles, Bonds & Value Investing In our Quick Take from April 14, we demonstrated the value of staying cal…
Quick Take For The Curious: Heretics Corner
April 19, 2021
Some Bear Takes on Bitcoin One of our very accomplished and wise readers recently noted in a piece that “hostility towa…
Quick Take For The Curious: A Bull Market in the Basics Part I
April 14, 2021
Buffett, Bonds & the Evidence for Value Investing Yes, Kailash has done vast amounts of research on the historical …
The Great Inflation & Equity Duration
April 8, 2021
Why the Kailash Equity Duration Tool is a Must Have for Managers This paper extends on our last piece, The Great Inflat…
Quick Take For The Curious: A Well-Engineered SPAC
April 5, 2021
Another Reason to Pursue High Quality Value Investing My father, a youthful 77-year-old, recently flattered me with som…
The Great Inflation
March 31, 2021
Revisiting 1969 – 1984 and the Impact of Inflation on Equities Introduction: A Brief Contemplation of Inflation        …
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