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Market Insights with Investable conclusions: Market Anomalies, Evergreen Research, and Factors Research. Click on a white paper and if you want more, contact us about it.

Durable Dividends

Searching for Safety & Income During Uncertain Times Introduction: The Decline in Dividends A...

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S&P500 vs. R2500

Will the Herding Continue? Introduction: The Herd Runs Rampant Performance, Size and Value: When...

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Growth vs. Value

A Predisposition towards the Importance of Price has been Painful Introduction: The Historical...

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The Revenue Wreck

Are We Paying Rational Prices for an Ex-Growth America? Introduction: R1000 Sales Growth Is...

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Indexing Dilemmas

Is “Smart Beta” Really That Smart? Introduction: The Drawbacks of Indices Weighted by Market Cap...

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Identifying Accounting & Earnings Manipulators

Fundamental Information’s Role in Locating Earnings Manipulation.

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Proper Peers

A Process-Driven Approach to Selecting Comps