KCR’s 2023/2024 Equity Research Scholarship

Equity Research & the Future of Asset Management

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Our scholarship seeks to find individuals interested in the field of equity research and investing. KCR counts some of the most prestigious and accomplished firms, fund managers, and analysts among its clients. Our hope is not just to encourage interest in a field that has largely been forfeited to index funds and stock market speculation but to help aspiring researchers build and expand their network. We will award Gold Medal, Silver Medal and Bronze Medal scholarships as detailed below.


Applicants must write a stock pitch explaining why they believe a stock is too cheap and likely to appreciate or too expensive and likely to fall. We are open-minded individuals and believe a compelling thesis can run 50 dense pages or be accomplished in a brief and succinct 2-3 pages.

We will gladly review any and all submissions! For those who would like to see our Small & Midcap or Large Cap ranking tools as a “jumping off” point please let us know and we will happily supply them for your use.

While not every applicant can win, we will happily publish the research as well as the name of any qualifying applicants work on our website should they want the recognition.

Leila Kelly KCR s Equity Research
Leila Kelly

University of California, Davis

Danann Obrien Photo
Danann Obrien

Florida Institute of Technology

2023 Scholarship Winners

Christian Maldonado

University of Central Florida

Cuauhtemoc Martinez

Pepperdine University

Daniel Minyoung Song

University of Pennsylvania

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Email your submissions to scholarship@kailashconcepts.com with the following:

  • Full Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Phone Number
  • Name of University or College
  • University or College
  • Mailing Address
  • Proof of Enrolment (submit as .jpeg, .pdf, or .doc )
  • Your Scholarship Essay submitted as .pdf or .doc

Non-compliance with the above will automatically invalidate your submission.

Please note, once chosen, the winner will be asked to supply a photo to accompany their essay for publication.


The scholarship Gold Medalist winner(s) will receive $5,000 to help pay for his/her education expenses i.e. tuition, accommodation, and travel costs. The Silver Medalist winner(s) and Bronze Medalist winner(s) will receive $1,000 and $500, respectively. We reserve the right in our complete and absolute discretion (a) to award no Gold Medal level scholarships in any given year and (b) to present multiple awards at each Medal level.*








E-mail inquiries and submission scholarship@kailashconcepts.com with the subject line: “KCR Research Scholarship”.


Applicants must be a bonafide student of any accredited college or university in the United States of America.

All submitted work must be solely the original work of the applicant.

Applicants may apply once per year. Entering more than once will result in disqualification.

All scholarships are non-renewable.


Submissions must be sent on or before April 30, 2024. Any entry submitted after the deadline will not be considered, regardless of quality.

Judging will take place between May 1, 2024 & May 31, 2024, with the winner being announced on July 1, 2024. The winner will be announced through email, via the website, and through our social media accounts. The scholarship fund amounting to $5,000 will be sent directly to the office of the University/College to officially hand it over to the winning student.

*In accordance with IRS guidance, all scholarships will be considered taxable income to their recipients.


By submitting your application, you are granting KCR the right to publish your name, university, and photo (winner only) on KCR’s website. You are also giving KCR permission to publish your submitted essay. We will remove any personal information that you do not want shared at your request.

All sensitive information relating to submitted entries will be destroyed as soon as the scholarship winner is selected. Emails will not be used for marketing purposes.

To help give you some more context on the purpose and practice of equity research we have provided the following examples of some of our own stock missives which were simple and yet effective at instigating further research by our clients. We obviously would appreciate students looking to submit a comprehensive pitch complete with valuation, discounted cash flow statement and price targets, but are not making that a requirement for submission.