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Identifying Accounting & Earnings Manipulators

Fundamental Information’s Role in Locating Earnings Manipulation.

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Ranking Tools

Our ranking tools are highly functional and interactive with unprecedented granularity of financial ratios.

Monthly Targeted High Conviction Buy Lists

SP500 Top 25 

SP500 Shareholder Yield

R1000 Top 75

R1000 High Beta Longs

R1000 Low Beta Longs

R2500 Top 25

R2500G Top 10

R2500 Attractive High Debt

R2500 High Beta Longs

R2500 Low Beta Longs

Monthly Targeted High Conviction Sell Lists

SP500 Accounting and Earnings Manipulators

SP500 Bottom 50

R1000 Accounting and Earnings Manipulators

R1000 Bottom 75

R1000 High Beta Shorts

R1000 Low Beta Shorts

R2500 Accounting and Earnings Manipulators

R2500 Bottom 25  

R2500G Bottom 10

R2500 Unattractive High Debt

R2500 High Beta Shorts  

R2500 Low Beta Shorts

Dedicated Tools for Short Sellers:

  • Low Quality Short Signal (LQS)
  • Trading Shorts
  • Probable Earnings Manipulators

New Ideas – R2500 & R1000:

  • New Stock ideas that have been added to the Buy & Sell Lists
  • Top-ranked and bottom-ranked stocks in each model presented by sector which can help highlight favored sectors and sector rotation

Single Company Insights

Helping you better focus your research efforts

Proper Peers

A Process-Driven Approach to Selecting Comps