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Stock Rankings

The KCR team has been working together since 2010 and has over 55 combined years of real money management experience using a quantamental approach to investing. KCR believes quantitative analysis is integral to the fundamental research process, and we know of no other method to successfully create systematic alpha. Steeped in behavioral finance, KCR seeks to exploit pricing errors that arise from herding, confirmation bias, and self-attribution bias among others. KCR’s models were built using hand-cleaned data.

KCR’s stock ranking models are used by some of the top institutional investors and asset allocation firms in the world.

With a combined 55+ years of experience in the industry, as you can imagine KCR has worked with professionals across multiple industries with the aid to help them excel in their respective businesses. To check out what some of the best and brightest have had to say, please visit our Public Citations.

KCR’s Ranking Process:

  • Verify and validate the underlying data
  • Assess and compare each stock
  • Use factors known for that stock
  • Use sophisticated algorithms to compare the qualities of a company across multiple dimensions against the rest of the companies in index
  • Ultimately arrive at a relative ranking of aggregate attractiveness for each stock in the index

Ranking Model: Modules, Weight Ranges & Factor Basics

SP 500

S&P 500

~500 Stocks Ranked on
Proven Fundamental Factors

Large Cap

Large Cap (R1000)

~850 Stocks Ranked on
Proven Fundamental Factors