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About Matt Malgari

Matt is a co-founder of Kailash Capital. He is also a portfolio manager, the Managing Member, and co-founder of L2 Asset Management. Matt spent 14 years at Fidelity working as an Assistant Portfolio Manager on the Diversified International Fund, sector analyst, diversified analyst, and trader. In 2010 Matt became the Managing Director of Equity Research for Knight Capital Group. Matt received his MBA from Cornell University and BA from Middlebury College. Matt has 24 years of experience in the industry.

Are Clean Tech Stocks a Short?

2021-11-30T07:32:19+00:00November 12, 2021|Charts for the Curious|

Click here to download the Basic PDF This week’s “Chart for the Curious” follows up on our CFTC from last week and our piece on Andrei Shleifer’s legendary book on Behavioral Finance. In those pieces, we discussed how investors piled into Gold after the GFC implosion, which ended ...

Andrew Jassy Amazon’s Next Bob Nardelli?

2021-11-23T11:30:26+00:00October 29, 2021|Raucous Rants|

Andrew Jassy Amazon’s Next Bob Nardelli? So this morning Amazon turfed numbers and guidance.  The company missed on both revenues and profits for Q3.  The company explained that the fourth quarter looked even worse. The horrific news for acolytes of Amazon’s stock is the company will have to pay ...

Best Stocks for a Recession: A Simple Solution

2021-11-30T07:23:50+00:00October 29, 2021|Charts for the Curious|

Investing In Staples Stocks: A Stunning Chart to Help You Stick to Your Financial Plan This post is designed to update our Chart for the Curious from January of 2021 Investing in Staples. In our piece, Staples vs. IT, our work contrasted the reliable profits and reasonable valuation of ...

Stocks Analysts Loathe & Love

2021-11-30T07:28:01+00:00October 22, 2021|Charts for the Curious|

The chart below takes all the stocks in the S&P 500 and breaks them into five groups The first group on the left are the stocks analysts loathe (the worst-rated stocks) The last group on the right are the stocks most loved by analysts Stocks analysts dislike trade at ...

Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds: A Lesson for Today?

2021-11-23T11:31:12+00:00October 22, 2021|Raucous Rants|

Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds: A Lesson for Today? In a 2014 interview, the legendary financial writer Michael Lewis commented that when he wrote Liar’s Poker - the legendary book about the madness of junk bonds and financial markets: ...I thought, ‘these people are paying me hundreds of thousands ...

Staples Stocks are a Buy Today UPDATE

2021-11-23T11:31:31+00:00October 21, 2021|Charts for the Curious|

What You Need Has Never Been Cheaper vs. What You Want: This piece updates our last post on investing in staples The chart below shows the market cap of Consumer Staples to Consumer Discretionary stocks is now at a record low Wall Street is obsessed with IPOs, SPACs, and ...

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