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Public Citations

Small Cap 1Q21 Update

ClearBridge Small Cap Portfolio Managers Albert Grosman and Brian Lund join Vinay Nadkarni
to discuss the speculative nature of the recent runup in small stocks…March 9, 2021

Value vs. Growth: A Value Manager’s Perspective

Paul Heathwood, CFA, Director of Investor Relations, provides interesting insights on the topic of value versus growth. September 30, 2020

The ‘death of valuation’ and what it could mean for investors going forward

Market Watch by Shawn Langlois, August 4, 2020

What Game Are You Playing?

Cambridge Global Asset Management by Brandon Snow, June 30, 2020

Watch Out When Value Returns to Favor!

Boston Partners, November 2019

The Late Stage of a Market Cycle: Been There, Done That?

NEPC Private Wealth, Oct 2019

Big IPOs Have Been a Bust. They Might Be in Your Index Fund.

Barron’s by Al Root, Oct 11, 2019

‘Goodwill’ Write-Offs are an Earnings Killer. How to Spot Trouble Coming.

Barron’s by Al Root, April 18, 2019

Is Holding a Canadian Portfolio “Risky”? Not with the Right Focus

Cambridge Global Asset Management by Stephen Groff, February 22, 2019

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