Income Investing: Staples & IT

How Dividend Investing May Halt the Speculative Quest for Quick Gains


This paper builds on our recent work highlighting that many of the market’s highest quality firms are trading at discounts to the broad market.  The exhibits that follow provide potent evidence that today is one of the most compelling times in history to adopt a simple dividend investing strategy in Consumer Staples. Specifically:

  • Tech Investing: The recent mania for loss-making tech firms and impossibly priced “Nifty Fifty” stocks has inhaled capital and left many of the most proven and profitable firms at historic discounts
  • Staples – An Income Investing Strategy:  The yield famine in markets today combined with the historical power of investing in Consumer Staples creates a compelling opportunity to buy the market’s best assets
  • Trading Places: Why today is a terrific time to start selling out of overpriced tech and buying into Staples

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