Ignore the Herd – Don’t Pay High Prices for Firms that Lose Money:

  • “Rule #1: Never Lose Money, Rule #2: Never Forget Rule #1” ­–Buffett
  • Kailash believes many investors have lost sight of the most basic investing principles
  • Update to our January CFTC showing total market cap of firms that lose money
  • As of 2/28/2021, the market cap of firms that lose money had exploded higher to a staggering ~$6.5 trillion
  • “Investing illusions can continue for a surprisingly long time….at a point…the soaring price of a promoted stock can itself become the proof that an illusion is reality” ­–Warren Buffett, Feb, 2021

Kailash believes the speculative mania below will end much like the internet bubble with catastrophic losses.  For investors looking to invest in high quality companies at below average prices please click here.

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