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April 14, 2020

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Small Cap vs. Large Cap Stocks: The Power of the Petite
May 26, 2021
The Great Inflation & Equity Duration
April 8, 2021
Why the Kailash Equity Duration Tool is a Must Have for Managers This paper extends on our last piece, The Great Inflat…
The Great Inflation
March 31, 2021
Revisiting 1969 – 1984 and the Impact of Inflation on Equities Introduction: A Brief Contemplation of Inflation        …
The Low Cost of High Quality: Russell 2000
February 5, 2021
Introduction: This paper employs similar analytical structures to those used in our newsletter High-Quality Midcap Valu…
The Case for Buying What You Know and Need – Staples and the Power of the Prosaic
January 28, 2021
Introduction: This paper adds to our recent research making the case that today is one of the most compelling times in …
Income Investing: Staples & IT – How Dividend Investing May Halt the Speculative Quest for Quick Gains
January 7, 2021
Introduction: This paper builds on our recent work highlighting that many of the market’s highest quality firms are tra…
High-Quality Midcap Value: The Case for Common Sense
November 1, 2020
Introduction: This paper makes the case that today is as compelling a time to buy the highest quality Midcap firms trad…
The Collision of Arithmetic & Over-Optimism – Why Today’s Larger Cap Growth is More Precarious than the Nifty Fifty
October 2, 2020
Introduction: This paper seeks to discredit the “quality & growth at any price” thesis underpinning many of the mar…
IPO Stocks are the New Staples – History & Current Data Suggest that is as Silly as it Sounds
September 28, 2020
Introduction: Price Action Does Not Always Reflect Value Financial Pornography: 1999 & Today Conclusions & Exh…
Brilliant to Brain-Dead – The Risk of Timing Manic Markets
September 4, 2020
The Hazards of being In the Grip of a Growth Mania The Resurrection of Value Post a Period of Manic Growth Conclusio…
This Time is Different – The Death of Valuation
August 12, 2020
Introduction: An Old Story The Rich (expensive growth) Get Richer…and Poorer Conclusions & Exhibit Introduction: …
How to Build a Growth Stock 1999 & Today
August 8, 2020
Introduction: A Quick & Imperfect Review of Akamai Kailash’s view on Carvana: How to Make Money by Losing Money Co…
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