Dr. Sanjeev Bhojraj

Sanjeev is a co-founder of Kailash Capital. He is also a portfolio manager and co-founder of L2 Asset Management. Dr. Bhojraj is widely published in the top journals in finance and accounting and specializes in behavioral finance. With 19 Years of total experience, Dr. Bhojraj is also a Chaired Professor in Asset Management and the co-Director of the Parker Center for Investment Research at Cornell University’s Business School. Dr. Bhojraj has a Ph.D, ACA, ACMA and B.Com.

December 10, 2023

Is Equity Beta Broken?

April 30, 2021|

Beta, or the amount a stock price goes up and down relative to the market, is a popular measure of “risk” Famous investors such as Seth Klarman have observed ...

A Well-Engineered SPAC

April 5, 2021|

Another Reason to Pursue High Quality Value Investing My father, a youthful 77-year-old, recently flattered me with some investment advice. Having recently received an email solicitation encouraging him to ...