Making Simple Concepts Work for Your Investments:

  • We have written a number of papers about the simple math that makes large cap investing in even high quality names difficult
  • The chart below simply takes the market of large cap stocks and divides that by small cap stocks
  • While Large Caps have pulled back from an extreme to a level last seen at the peak of the internet bubble
  • There is still a great deal of potential for Small Caps to significantly outperform their Large Cap peers
  • As documented in our research, we believe that asset bloat in index funds and speculative ETFs that focus on loss making firms with massive market caps has caused this anomaly. 

Please look out for our upcoming Quick Take explaining the magnitude of the opportunity and some promising Small Cap candidates we believe may be great investments!

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  2. Bottom 20% of firms in the Kailash ABM Universe based on 36m trailing beta, ex-financials

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