Anchors Aweigh: The High Cost of Irrational Expectations

Anchors Aweigh – The High Cost of Irrational Expectations:

  • Anchoring, or the act of placing too much emphasis on an arbitrary number is a well understood human error in the field of behavioral finance
  • Headlines today are full of stories about Tesla’s sharp sell-off yesterday and Kailash believes this is classic anchoring
  • The chart below has Tesla’s share price over the last two years and we have annotated at what price per share it is worth Toyota, Volkswagen and Honda respectively
  • Kailash believes it worth noting that HONDA is ~400% larger and over 500% more profitable than Tesla
  • Said differently: if Tesla was 4x bigger and 5x more profitable than it is today it could be valued at $53 per share.

Kailash hopes speculators in Tesla’s stock understand that even after yesterday’s “decline” Tesla is worth 15x as much as Honda – might be time to pull up your anchors!!


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